Wednesday, September 26, 2012

26 Months


Favorite Foods:  Little didn't have much of an appetite the a few days ago, he just wouldn't eat and we were worried.  We made it a point to cook his favorite foods and buy his favorite snacks but he wouldn't budge, it didn't help that he had a stomach virus for a day or two.  Then all of the sudden he was back to his hungry self and we were so relieved!! Loving mac and cheese, rice, chicken, pasta, ice aqua and all the usual! Thank Goodness!!

Watching:  Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, Little Bill and recently he loved Lilo and Stitch!  Still cutting down on TV, but we're a little more lenient now that Little goes to school full time.  Knowing that he spends his day learning and playing at school with his friends makes us feel a little better when we let him watch a cartoon or two. 

Reading: Happy Halloween Little Critter, The Very Hungry Catapillar, Potty and any bookhe finds laying around.  He usually picks up about 3 or 4 of his favorite books for us to read at bedtime. 

A few of his favorites:  He has been trying to sing! If I start singing he starts a little hum, more of a sing songy voice, and he repeats the last word I say at the end.  Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABC's- just little tunes like that.  Dada and Little have created a game; Little names our family (Dada, Mama, Jude) and then jumps or throws himself on the bed and laughs like crazy.  Little loves putting all of his little toys to sleep, carrying around Stitch his stuffed animal everywhere, lining all his toys up and making them jump off whatever they are lined up on.  For some reason all of the sudden NO is Little's favorite word. He doesnt scream it or get upset when he says it, he just simply says,"no" when you ask him a question.  
Mama: Can we try on this sweater?
Little: no
Mama: Come on, its gonna be cool! Look it has a dinosaur on it!
Little: no
This is pretty much how our conversations are now, not too fun.  

A few of our favorites:  He has been trying to count, he can count to 5 on his hand...sort of.  He'll start to count his toys but sometimes he gets confused and his numbers get mixed up.  Either way he's trying and we are encouraging him, he definitely has 5 down though!  Little is talking more and more, he can repeat everything we say which is good because I do want him to learn.  But a huge new development is that he is starting to say 2-3 word combinations on his own! While we drive he says "go under trees" and he'll say "no wohw wohw" (no dog), I love it. Ive been working on manners with Little lately, its so cute hearing him say tantu (thank you) and peeece (please).  Every Friday Little brings home the work he's done all week at school, it makes me sooo happy and is my favorite thing about Fridays!

Watching Dada and Little run around the park I kept wondering; how on earth Little was going to grow up to be as big as Dada. Its a funny thought, thinking that this tiny little boy who is eventually going to be a huge guy like his Dada.  Chances are he'll look just like his Dada, since everybody tells me he already does- I don't see it!  I got really excited thinking about the fact that I get to watch this kid grow up, I am one lucky Mama!

<3 Mama Chuca

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