Monday, September 10, 2012

Im Back!!

Little playing basketball at Gymboree!! 

I promise I did not abandon this place!!! I had to take a couple of days for myself to gather my thoughts because I feel like the last 2 weeks have been crazy.  But I do want to catch everybody up on my Little, here are some tidbits of us as of late:

Little is talking so much more now!! He is saying so many new words everyday and is starting to put his sentences together better as well.  There are times when he is trying to tell us something and we can't quite understand what word he is trying to say, for the most part he can pretty much repeat any word pretty well.  At school he has been working on colors, so Dada and I have been helping him by using flashcards (not in a drill sergeant way).  His favorite color, in my opinion, is Yellow because when we show him the color he screams "LELLOW"!!  We're still working on numbers and touch on the Alphabet at bath time, because he has a foam book full of letters for bath time games.

Tia Linda and Squishy have a new beagle puppy named Peanut! He is adorable, sweet and very gentle with the babies.  Squishy who is brave by nature loves to baby and run around  with the puppy.  Little, who calls the puppy Peaput, is still very skittish with him and I think it'll take a while for him to warm up to the pup.

Squishy's birthday is coming up very soon (November), Tia Linda and I have been bouncing around ideas for her very special 2nd birthday party.  Tia Linda has settled on The Lorax theme, which sounds amazing already!! Their are limitless possibilities for an awesome Lorax themed party!! A Lorax Piñata!!  Lorax invitations!! OMGOODNESS YES!!

Dada and I have been getting things ready for our special trip north,  I believe Ive mentioned before that we'll be going to New Hampshire in early October to visit some of Dada's family. I can't wait for Little to jump in leave piles, sip hot chocolate in cool weather, meet family that already adore him and to see him in a cute scarf.  I live in Texas where it is pretty warm 80% of the year, so I imagine Little and I bundled up Christmas Story style while others are wearing light sweaters and staring!

Oh and Dada & I.... are engaged to be married!!!!!! YES thats the big news, 2 weeks ago Dada asked me to marry him and of course I said yes!! Whenever we talked about marriage in the past, we knew it would happen but we never really went into depth about it.  Dada and I have always been on the same page about our family, as long as we all take care of each other and are happy then we feel we're doing a great job.  I honestly didn't think this would happen anytime soon and I definitely didn't think I would have to plan a wedding but here we are!!  I am very excited as is all of our family and friends!!  Details to come in later posts but I just had to let out our big news in my little space here!

Other than this amazingness, we've been pretty much going about our little life like usual! Hanging out with family, wrestling, going to Gymboree and our new favorite- playing with Peaput!  Stay tuned for regular posting again people because IM BACK!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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