Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Photos taken with my phone at our favorite restaurant, oh theres a tortilla too.

Yesterday I found myself staring at Little and throughout the night asking Dada,"Doesnt he look older today?" or saying "I think he might have gone through a growth spurt".  Only to realize today that yesterday he turned 26 months!! How could I have forgotten? Yes I do have a lot on my mind with the new house, the wedding, invitation designs for a party, an upcoming trip and a whole lotta work stuff.  But how could I have forgotten that my sweet little boy turned 26 months?! And I definitely owe you guys a monthly post!! I promise tomorrow I will have Little's Monthly post full of photos and tidbits of what this kid is loving and doing this month.  Besides wondering why my son looked like a big boy last night, we also pretended to be Mama and baby monkeys.  I would put him over my shoulder, make monkey noises and pretend to eat bugs from his hair.  He, in turn, laughed like crazy and ate bugs from my hair, then we tackled Dada who was obviously from another monkey clan.

<3 Mama Chuca

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