Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big Boy

I know I've said before that I have a big boy but I think its really starting to sink in with this Mama.  This big boy of ours has become a master builder lately.  He received a small lego set for his birthday and when he remembers he has it, takes it out and builds away.  He'll build a towering car and say "MAMA big brrroom", in return I tell him what a good job he's done.  So over and over he builds a huge car or airplane, calls me to look and then knocks it down to rebuild.  I also find him reading to himself, or at least a version of reading.  He sits with a book and flips through pages saying... uh nuh...uh nunhh...uhn uhnhuh.... in a sing songy voice.  He could possibly be mimicking my voice when I read to him, either way its darling to watch. Does this mean he's ready to start learning to read?? Ok ok I won't get a head of myself!!

Yesterday I went to pick up Little early from daycare and caught the him doing the cutest thing.  I walked inside and saw him in a little line of kids (his age) all walking with their hands behind their back, he was walking and laughing with another kid.  WHA?? Hold the phone!! He can be good, follow directions and have fun without Dad or I around??  Perhaps I haven't been giving him enough credit.  When he comes home with me I see a little baby turning into a big boy, but maybe I already have a big boy.  All the times I worried about him being at school alone, I never even stopped to think that he is a big boy who can handle it!  Part of me thought he spent the hours we're apart thinking about me, as I do here in my office about him.  But no my big boy is learning and laughing with his friends at school, as he should be.  I can not wait till he can actually come home and tell me all about his day. 

<3 Mama Chuca

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