Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

He's not crying or sleepy, he just didn't want to be photographed!

HELLO HELLO!! Here is the rundown of our weekend!!

On Friday we had dinner at Tia Linda's house and watched the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Which turned out to be hilarious, Elizabeth Banks always makes me laugh!! Oh and Dada would definitely be a member of the Dudes Group!

Saturday we had a big yard sale, we usually have a big one every 6 months.  This one was a little smaller than usual but there was a pretty good turn out.  Although most of the time we end up just trading goods with each other.  Ill usually trade a couple of Little's old outfits to Tia Rachel for baby Noah (her 1 year old) for some of Cousin Rene's old toys (he's 7).   One woman's size 5 toddler shoe is another woman's slightly used lego set, this works out pretty well for us!  After that Little and I stayed in because Dada had to work, due to the new iPhone!  Little's daycare gave us homework that I worked on that night, we had to put together pictures of family for a book that will be made.  So I had a couple of pictures of the family printed and Little had a blast going through them over and over again, quizzing me on the family members.  Whenever I asked Little if I could take a picture of him, he would smile and throw his face into the blanket!

Sunday, Little went to Gramma's house to watch the football game with Papaw so that I could have lunch with my girlfriends.  I needed a little bit of girl time, thank goodness for loving grandparents!!! That night we went to dinner with a good friend of ours who we've asked to be our wedding photographer.  He said yes (YAY!), we are very excited about it, he mostly photographs bands and has quite the eye.  We ate pizza, caught up and Little was a very well behaved big boy!!

Today Ive been very excited about our new home we will be in next month!! Ive been dreaming up canvas's and art I want to make for our new walls.  Im even thinking about wall colors, Ive always wanted a yellow kitchen!! Right now I have a lot to be grateful for and Im very excited about all the new things headed this little families way.

See you tomorrow!
<3 Mama Chuca

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