Tuesday, July 31, 2012

24 Months

Little loved this shark cage, he would jump inside and 
say "cheese" for a picture.. we have like 100 pictures of just this!

Little got to eat his favorite foods for his special day!

Knocked out on the Colonial Paddle Wheel Ride.

 Im a very tricky lady, I am!! I combined our Birthday trip to Moody Gardens with Little's 24 Month update.  After all, he had turned 24 mths that very day! Yes we took a trip on that very huge Colonial Paddle Wheel Ride where Little took his daily nap, also those are the awesome Moody Garden Pyramids!

Favorite Foods: Chicken, pasta, mac & cheese, ice water, juice and popcorn. Starting to get a little picky this kid!

Watching: Toy Story, Cars and Go Diego Go.

Reading: Goodnight Moon, I Love You Through & Through, Trick or Treat, When I Get Bigger and any other book that he finds laying around. 

a few of his favorite things: Little is so active, he's still into any sport with a ball, wrestling and now he can actually get off the ground when he jumps. He also loves to say "GO" then run like crazy, he usually likes to play this game with Squishy.  But Im pretty sure he's racing and she's playing follow the leader. He also loves acting like a little puppy (barking and all), playing with his little figures, racing to put his chunky puzzles together: we say go then he races to get all the pieces in place while we cheer him on. Lately he's been on a "scare kick", he either wants me to scare him or wants to scare me by growling randomly.  Little likes to play and run around Tia Linda's house with Squishy.  He loves brushing his own teeth, we did it for him before but now he asks for the toothbrush to do it himself!

a few of our favorite things: Little is talking soo much more now, its amazing how much he is learning. Some new words and phrases are: aww man, oh no, alright, good job, thank you, shoes off and bye bye school.  He also says "hat go buzz", in Little translation its Woody go Buzz otherwise were not sure exactly what it means.  Dada taught Little to do the cutest thing!! He says "YESSS" and pulls down his little elbows, when he gets excited about something.  Once, I picked him up from Daycare and when he came out of his room he said "YESSS"-was awesome! Ever since we put him into daycare full time he has been doing so well in the morning, no more whining or tears when it comes time to drop him off. (THANK BABY JESUS) I just downloaded a Pocoyo App for my phone that LIttle absolutely loves, Pocoyo dances and plays music. We love to ask Little to dance like Pocoyo, he does it so well!! When we ask him to show us how to swim, he lays on his belly and moves his arms and feet like a pro!! (swim lessons might be in order)  He is saying and doing so much now that we can't keep track, everyday we find ourselves asking each other "did you know he could do this..."! 

Although there are many things we are loving right now, there are times when Little is in full toddler-having-a-fit mode...not so much love for that! Lately fits have been less and less, but there are times when he's flopping on the floor because he can't have anymore juice.  Otherwise our Little is pretty much a happy kid, he is a great listener and follows directions very well.  And just yesterday he was walking around like an old man on the way to the kitchen, nobody asked him to, he was just doing it and it was hilarious! Which proves that he may look like Dada on the outside but he is Mama on the inside!! We are looking forward to more fantastic birthdays and confusing toddler conversations with this awesome little guy!

<3 Mama Chuca

I want to note that there was a second half of the day after Little took his nap.  We went to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens, its a super fun small water park.  It had a wave pool, a lazy river, water slides and an area for kiddies.  Little LOVED it, he was nervous at first but after about 10 minutes he was running around splashing in the water. Dada and I left the camera and our phones in the locker so we don't have any photos, but we also could fully enjoy our water baby.  We will be heading out again because we all loved it so much. 

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