Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Weekend

I have been MIA for a couple of days and Im terribly sorry!!
There is just so much going on in my head right now that I didn't get a chance to post on Friday!

So let me fill you in:
Little is back to his awesome self again! His infections seemed to have gone away and we are very happy about that.  Well "we" as in me because Dada seemed to have caught the throat infection.

We celebrated Tia Linda's birthday Friday with spaghetti and karaoke at Gramma's house!
I sing horribly but I LOVE karaoke!! I get so into it you have to pry the microphone from my fingers.

On Saturday, because Dada was feeling ill, Gramma came to Gymboree with Little and I.  We had our awesome breakfast and then had a very exhausting fun time at Gymboree! Although, Little did laugh out loud at a little girl who fell!! It was the first time he's ever laughed at someone that wasn't intentionally trying to make him laugh.  I felt really bad but I guess I have to chalk it up to the fact that Dada and I are always pretending to fall and bang ourselves up to get him to maybe we'll have to rely on our other giggle inducers from now on.  Yes I did put his hand down, he actually pointed and laughed *face palm*, and calmly told him "we don't do that".  Oh this kid!!  Saturday night I spent some time with friends and Tia Linda to celebrate her birthday grown up style.  Little stayed with Gramma and Papaw, so that Dada could get some more rest.

Sunday, Tia Faith threw a skating party for her son Nicky who turned 14.  Little & Squish couldn't skate, skates didn't go that small in size, and spent the entire time running around the rink with Gramma, Papaw and our good friend Mike.  I haven't gone skating since I was around 14, it brought back fun memories until I fell flat on my bottom and it brought me back to my age!  I can't wait till I can teach Little how to skate because I forgot how much I LOVE IT!!

Little update:
If ever Little does not have pants or shorts on he takes off his diaper holds it up and says "this".  I laugh every time (I can't help it) but we are now in the process of getting him to keep it on and take him to the potty when he takes it off.

He says "hello" when he wants to talk on the phone, we usually let him call Gramma.

When Little is wearing shorts/pants he insists on having his hands in his pockets.  Its the most adorable thing EVER!!

He helps me wash clothes: throwing clothes I give him from the washer into the dryer... mostly his clothes and socks.
He also likes to help fold clothes: rolling the clothes into a little ball.

New words: dance, toes, school and there are more that I can't think of at the moment!!

2 weeks til the big party!!
Decorations and goodie bags are officially crossed off my list! Well...except for the few DIY's Im working on as part of the party decor.  Im a procrastinating Mama but I'm getting to it, I PROMISE!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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