Thursday, July 12, 2012

Party Progress

Hello all!
So my laptop is acting pretty wonky because I have yet to put all of my old work onto our hard drive. I know I know its soo bad of me!! To bring me to my point, I used iPhoto to tweak the photos a bit so the colors are a little off today (especially in the invite photo).  I usually only need to brighten them because I often take pictures with horrible lighting!

I just wanted to give a little peek of the invite I created for Little's second birthday.  I wanted the invite to match the party, simple and sweet.  I really only handed out invites to grandparents and the rest of the  family was pretty much word of mouth, like I said its a very small party.  The big number two is a DIY I'm working on for the party table or the door (haven't decided).  I just wanted to show a little progress  and a couple of cute pictures of my Little.

LOOK at that curl, I want to throw a party just for that one curl alone!! When you have a kid who's hair grows slower than grass you get excited for these things! I just want to cut it off and keep it in my purse!!! But I won't, Ill leave it be. Promise.

On a very special note: Today is my parents 15th wedding anniversary!! Math off a bit? Well 15 years ago Papaw and Gramma (who was just called Mama then) got married and we got the best Dad we could ever ask for!! Thank you to both Papaw and Gramma for giving us an amazing childhood.  At this very moment they are off on a road trip to celebrate like the youngins they are!!

8 more days till the birthday party... scramble mode ON!
<3 Mama Chuca

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