Monday, July 16, 2012

Aye Yi Yi!!

This weekend was super rainy and very lazy.  Except for  Gymboree and running some birthday errands Saturday, Little and I just lounged about with Tia Lorri.  We were house/tia sitting for Gramma and Papaw while they were on their small road trip to New Orleans.  I did get some DIY decorations done while Little was napping on Sunday.  A couple of things...

Little says "Aye yi yi"!! HILARIOUS!!

Little no longer feels the need to follow me into the bathroom!! This is awesome news, usually I have a little boy trailing after me or banging on the door as soon as I head to the restroom.  But now I simply tell him where Im going and he nods. Thats if he is not in a bad mood already, then there is no escaping him!

Little is coming up on the "mine" phase and I think its gonna get ugly! We try not to use the word so we don't encourage it, but he does go to daycare where Im sure he hears it plenty.

Little and I pray at night, its very sweet.  We say, "I love The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.. Amen" while doing the sign of the cross. One day he'll know what it means, for now its something special we do together.

I signed Little up for the Toys R Us birthday club and they sent Little a birthday card already.  The card came with a couple of coupons Little can use for his birthday. Isn't that awesome?? I had no idea they did something like that, I hear when you go in to use the coupons they wish the birthday kid a Happy Birthday over the intercom.  Ill report back here of course!

Which reminds me- Littles birthday is coming up fast...  A WEEK!! Its crazy but somehow I don't think Ill be scrambling around like last year.  Maybe because its at Grammas house or maybe that Ive made it low key, Idk but m not freaking out yet.  Going home to work on party bags, Im actually excited!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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