Friday, July 27, 2012

Little's Second Birthday Party

Guests loved the banner of Littles second year!!

His gift table, with the special trike Dada and I got him.

yummy nuggets and homemade strawberry lemondade 
were a hit, there was a veggie/fruit table too I swear!!

Little and cousin Noah had the most fun with a
small water table Gramma has, isn't Noah adorable!!

He was in a pretty great mood that day!

Tia Linda baked some tasty treats for the birthday party, 
cupcakes for guests and a smash cake especially for Little. 
Little was so cute and calm; eating his cake, drinking his lemonade and
 asking us to wipe his hands that were full of icing.  Was my favorite part of the day.

More water play for all the kiddies, Little loves to play 
with cousins Rene and Audrey. He pretty much looks up 
to cousin Rene right now.

Little opened his gifts in front of friends and family, 
boy did he get a good amount.  We just had to snap photos of
Squishy being a little scene stealer! 

After the presents we pretty much let the guests 
mingle and hang out.  We brought out more chips and dips
and Little enjoyed some indoor soccer with his new ball. 

Here are some photos courtesy of Tia Lorri


When Im having a lot of fun I tend to forget to take pictures!! This is a problem because later I look at my camera for pictures and I realize that I have close to none.  Thank goodness for Dada!! While I was doing things like handing Little gifts, setting up the cake or calming him down from a mini meltdown, Dada was snapping pictures for us to remember in the years to come!

I also have to say that it makes me incredibly happy that we have amazing family and friends who all came together to celebrate Little on his birthday!  The party turned out a little bigger than we thought it would be, but Im glad we decided to have it and I think everybody had a good time!  It was a great day. In the end Dada, Little and I were very tired, very sleepy and very very happy.  

Next up our photos from Little's actual Birthday!! It was a great couple of days for us. 

<3 Mama Chuca

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