Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Cute Kid

Sorry I was MIA yesterday, Tia Lorri and I took Little out for his 2 year old photos.  We set out super early to one of my favorite places, Herman Park right by the zoo, and let him wander around.  We marveled at the fountain, watched the ducks and took a stroll. 

When we got there it was nice out, there was a cool breeze and the sun was barely peeking through the clouds.  That quickly changed, so Tia Lorri took as many photos as she could before the wind died down and the sun really started staring at us!  I think she did an amazing job with this kid, because well.. as you can see it is hard catching him sometimes.  Im still going through them and I have to lighten a few up (sneaky sun) but I just had to share a couple of them here.  Please excuse my excessive gushing in the next couple of lines--- OMG Isn't he soooo adorable?! I can't believe how big this little guy is, why is he so cute?? That outfit fits him perfectly and looks awesome!!--- Ok done, once I pick a few that Im sending out to family I will definitely post them here. 

Here is a funny story that I almost forgot to share- Every morning when I drop off Little at daycare there is one little girl (a bit older) in the room that says hello to him and touches his arm as he walks by.  Well last Friday he sits right in front of her and next to another little girl his age.  As the older girl starts to say hello and reaches to touch his arm, the younger girl next to him says "NO! mine!" and puts her hand there instead.  Little didn't seem to notice either girl, he was concentrating on his stuffed weenie dog he brought for Pajama Day.  To this story Dada says "Its starting already", I happen to think its his lack of a full head of hair that makes little girls think he is still a baby and thats why they gush!! 

<3 Mama Chuca

*In case you were wondering: 
tee & shorts- Target / cap & shoes- Baby Gap

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