Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Love You Austin!

We had an amazing time in ATX with our good friends!! Here are 
few photos of our little trip. 

This is me in the car very excited about our trip! YAY!!

Many small shops to visit and "aaawww" in, except a lot of 
the shops ask you NOT to take photos. BOO, oh well 
I did get manage to capture some shots from the few
 places that were nice enough to allow it. 
 Tesoros was actually my favorite.

Anybody ever seen the movie Deathproof?? Well Dada and 
I happen to LOVE Deathproof (and Quentin Tarantino) so 
of course we had to have margaritas at the same margarita 
joint that was in the film!

This place is called Uncommon Objects  , we were laughing and
 creeped out the whole time we were in there. 

Gotta love a huge monkey in a hat. 

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, the tiniest and fullest 
costume shop in Texas (my opinion)!!

We visited quite a few shops, all very interesting.  
Just walking SoCo turned out to be one of the best parts of our trip. 

Quick bite of pizza for dinner at Home Slice, the menu 
reminded me of my Little and Dada. 

Of course we had to get fancied up to head out to 6th Street!!
 Perhaps it was a good thing that we left our camera in the room 
while we had our unsupervised adult fun birthday celebratin' night!

The next day was very cloudy, as you can see, but it only rained for about 45 minutes.  
After it cleared up and the sun was out again we headed down to Barton Springs
 Its actually a man-made spring and is ICE COLD, but we were still brave enough
 to take a dip.  We ate burgers and watched other people scream their way into the water,
 was a pretty good way to end our trip.  

We did manage to find a few goodies that we thought Little would love! A plane that
 was completely glued to his hand for a couple of days, he insisted on sleeping with it
 and asked for it in the morning. We knew he would love it, lately he's been asking for 
airplanes every time were outside. Of course we had to get him something animal 
related, so we decided he might be in total AWE with these bad boys. So far we've watched
 a zebra grow. 

This was the day after our trip, always excited to see these 2 happy faces. 
Little is actually saying "cheese".

A few things we didn't capture by photo, but will always be in our memories:

Waiting for our snow cones outside and being attacked by "friendly" sugar addicted bees.  

Sitting on the curb, on 6th st, eating an amazing slice of pizza at 3am.

Riding in the back of a Bike Cab with Dada talking bout Johnny Cash.

Toy Joy, wall to wall toys and kid gadgets. Little would have been in Heaven!!

All the street art was amazing! The second day we were there, we went to a strip full of 
street art but since it started raining we couldn't take any pictures without damaging 
our phones or cameras. But it was there and it was lovely.

Dancing and drinking the night away with good friends. 

Talking to Little on the phone on our way to Grammas to pick him up, he sounded so excited. 

I admit that being away from Little was extremely hard for me, but I knew Gramma would
 do her best to keep his mind off of our being gone.  I did talk about him a lot but Dada 
kept reassuring me that he would be fine and it would be good for us to get away.  As it 
turns out Dada was right, when we returned home we had the happiest little reunion!! 

One day we will have to go back with our Little so he can see the sights and sounds from a very 
unique little city.  Keep Austin Weird!

<3 Mama Chuca

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