Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Date

Hello! I meant to check in from Austin on Friday to wish a happy weekend to everybody, but I was very busy having fun!! Yes I had a lot of fun in Austin, of course I missed my Little but it was nice to be able to do a lot of grown up things with friends.  I will have a post about my Austin trip sometime this week with photos and stories.  

We actually came home on Saturday night, I didn't think I could stay 2 nights away from Little just yet and I was right because I was missing him terribly Saturday afternoon.  So Sunday after Dada went to work, Little and I headed out for a movie date.  I let him pick out a brand new book from the bookstore, he chose a Little Critter book called Just Me and My Puppy and I chose 123 Magic (as I discussed last week).  Then we got a balloon airplane from a sweet lady, Little has been loving airplanes lately,  and headed to the theatre.  We decided to watch ParaNorman, which actually turned out to be a very funny slightly weird movie.. not unlike Coraline, a favorite of mine (book and movie). He was very good; sat in his little booster seat, ate popcorn, laughed out loud and "oh noooed" throughout the movie.  We then went to Tia Linda's to hang out with Bailey.  Our very nice Sunday ended with Dada reading Little his new book before bed.   

Im very happy Dada and I were able to get away, but Im especially happy that we came home to a wonderfully happy little boy (Thanks Gramma). 

<3 Mama Chuca

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