Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Im Loving Right Now

Thats right, today is Super Hero Day at daycare for Little.  He went as the hulk, except we didn't want him to faint in the heat so we let him wear shorts instead of the pj bottoms and he wouldn't keep his mask on.... but look at those muscles!! When we arrived at daycare it was nice to see that there were plenty of other super heros there as well, we saw 2 spidermen and a wolverine.  I may have forgotten to mention that it was Super Hero or Princess day, so there were quite a few princess's in tiaras there as well.

Little has been doing the cutest/weirdest/silliest things lately:

1. He seems to really miss Dada- meaning he will call out for Dada when he leaves or cry when he realizes that Dada isn't there.  The other day we visited Dada at work and when he left, Little had a mini meltdown.  This is pretty new and heartbreaking.

2. After lining up all of his little cars, he turns them all upside down.  Out of nowhere he'll start calling for me to come see a line of little tin cars upside.  In turn I, like always, gasp in awe and tell him what a great job he's done while he stares up at me in accomplishment.  I have yet to catch a picture of this adorableness, but Ill keep my phone close just in case he keeps it up.

3. Little really likes to pretend to get knocked out.  Dada and Little love to pillow fight and after a few soft smacks, Little will jump and pretend to be knocked out. It goes something like this:  Dada tosses pillow at Little, Little then falls down dramatically onto the bed, and after a few minutes of laying still he calls out for us to come over with a kiss him to revive him.  Its kind of weird, really cute and very dramatic!

What will this kid think of next?!

<3 Mama Chuca

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