Monday, August 27, 2012

Mama's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Mama's 27th birthday!!  
Here is a little weekend recap:


Friday, Little had a Back to School Party at Daycare and as a treat all the kiddies got to take home a cupcake.  When I picked him up he insisted that he hold the cupcake for the drive and since it was the weekend I decided to be a fun Mama for a change and let him.  Well as soon as we got home of course the cupcake was half eaten and the other half was all over the carseat!  Gramita decided to have everybody over for hotdogs as a back to school treat, Little had the biggest tantrum that Dada and I had ever encountered. This was probably due to all my talk in the previous post about how he is starting to act like a big boy and understand me... big mistake Mama!! 


Saturday, I woke up on my birthday to an awesomely wrapped present from Dada and baby!  I think Dada did the most amazing job creating this one of a kind wrapping paper.  For my birthday he gave me a book filled with 642 things to draw and a mini shopping spree at Urban Outfitters for an upcoming trip we are taking in October.  The best presents ever!! Afterward we were off to have a big breakfast and continue our special day together.  I didn't get any pictures of us at breakfast because Little wasn't too happy that our breakfast was later than usual, my concentration was focused on keeping that kid happy and eating. 

After our big birthday breakfast we decided to go to the zoo instead of Gymboree as a treat for all of us.
The weather was perfect, the sun was out but there was a steady breeze cooling us off.  Little had a great time running around watching at all the animals, making animal noises and he basically wore himself out.  Later we had a huge family dinner at Carrabbas, it felt great to have my family come together for a special dinner to celebrate my birthday!   Tia Linda bought me a special dessert and had the waiters sing to me, unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of our dinner.  The restaurant was pretty crowded and the babies (Squish, Little and cousin Noah) were very hungry and we were all trying to help them enjoy the dinner.  At home I seriously fell into a food coma! Yes I completely knocked out and I could not wake up!   


When I finally did emerge from my food coma, Little and I went to Tia Lindas for a homemade breakfast.  Tia had cousin Rene sleepover for movies and smores on Saturday, so she made a big breakfast for everyone Sunday.  We then went to Target (as you can see from the red cart above) to pick out some cute clothes for Squish's days at her babysitter's house.  We finished off the weekend hanging out with Gramma and eating Papaws shish kabobs.  I had an amazing weekend, a great birthday and the best family ever!

<3 Mama Chuca

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