Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Reading:  I just finished reading Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling, which was HILARIOUS!! I love The Office, I love her character Kelly and I can honestly say that I would love to be her best friend!  Im going to start reading Frida Kahlo; Song of Herself, a book full of interviews, journal excerpts and drawings from the artist.  Ive been carrying it around in my purse waiting for just the right time to start reading.  I have also been looking around for parenting toddler books, Ive heard some good stuff about 123 Magic and Love and Logic for Early Childhood.  As soon as I read them I will definitely have a post about my thoughts.  For Little Im looking to get him a couple of picture books, People and Seasons.  The illustrations are very lovely.

Watching:  2 words- TRUE BLOOD! The season started off a little slow but it is at high speed now, I can't even get into it because I could talk for HOURS.  Other than that, Ive been watching Project Runway, I have a very special Love for Project Runway!! My Project Runway rundown- I definitely want to see more from Dmitry Sholokhov,  not digging Christopher Palu's attitude, loving the design of Ven Budhu but I cringe because he is just mean and not so into her aesthetic yet (show just started) but Sonjia Williams is super cute!  Little has been on a Toy Story, Cars and Pocoyo kick lately, I happen to think Pocoyo is just like Little because he is sooo animated when he is trying to convey a message! Halloween costume maybe??

Anticipating: This weekend Dada and I will be going to Austin Tx with some friends for my birthday!! My birthday isn't til the next week (25th),  but I really wanted to spend that special weekend with Little.  Its very bittersweet- Im very excited to hang out with my good friends in Austin, but I have to leave my Little for the night.  He will be staying with Gramma and Papaw so I know he'll have a lot of fun and be extra spoiled this weekend.

Laughing: Lately Little has been one hilarious kid! He's been walking like a dinosaur or old man, making silly faces and/or making funny noises.  We just bought him a stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear and he just has to sleep with that little pooh. So in the middle of the night I check to see if he's cold/hot/alive (yea i still do that) and he's still holding on to that little pooh bear in his sleep. Thats not so much laughing but smiling.  Little, of course, has been asking to read Brown Bear Brown Bear but this time when we get to the teacher in the book he says its Mama! I guess the glasses are a dead giveaway! When I ask him who where Dada is he turns the Children page and points to the little blonde kid!! He does it EVERYTIME and its sooo funny!!

Working: Im thinking of making some photo albums for Little.  We have plenty of "albums" on iPhoto and a lot of pictures on here, but I want something that he can sit down and flip through.  I love pulling out old photo albums of my siblings, family and reminiscing. Im not much of a scrapbook-er so Ill be putting together an "old fashion" type of album for him,  I plan on going through every month and I want to pull key photos for our book.  This sounds like a lot of work because we have thousands of photos but I really want to make this project happen.

Wishing: Im wishing house/apartment hunting were way easier!! Were looking for a new place to call home and since having a baby its not as easy as it used to be. Before it was a small checklist: good rent, good location (close to our fav places). Now the checklist is way bigger: good rent, great location, very very very  safe, bottom floor (groceries and toddler), lots of storage (bike, play house..etc), in-between Dada and Mama's work and a pet deposit we can work with because we think Little is ready for a puppy. (Im sure there is way more to that list that I forgot to mention)  I am very optimistic that we can find something that will work for us even if we have to pay a little more than we would like. After all home is where we are together.

Loving: School shopping! I know this sounds crazy, what parent loves school shopping and he's two how much school shopping do you need to do?! Well...when Little started daycare he was in the toddler room, so he didn't need anything besides a mat for nap time and kleenex.  Now he's in the 2 year old room where he is doing big boy activities! So we have a small list of items to get together for Littles classroom; crayons, glue, toddler scissors, sanitizer.  Im also thinking of getting him a little backpack to bring home his sippy and school work! Too much??

This was supposed to be a monthly type post but I missed last month! Oops!! I hope you enjoy these Currently posts because I enjoy writing them.  Feel free to let us know what have you been up to lately!

<3 Mama Chuca

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