Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Photos

First I want to share a couple of pictures that I found while going through my iPhoto!!

June 2011

May 2012

What a difference a year (or so) makes!! Look how little they are in the first picture, what cuties! I just had to share this picture, they've been best friends since they were both little and squishy! 

Now on to business, as you can see I take a lot of photos of Little.  But I always wonder what photos I should be taking of Little now, that I will love later on.  I just read an awesome list that has inspired me even more than ever to take pictures of my little boy! This post from Lil Sugar has an amazing list of the 10 pictures to take of your tot each month. 

The list:
1. A portrait
2. New mannerisms
3. Siblings
4. Playtime
5. Bath time
6. Squeaky clean baby
7. Favorite Toy
8. New trick
9. A picture with Mama
10. A picture with Dada

Some of pictures on this list are a little obvious but sometimes Im so busy clicking away that I forgot that their are some pictures that need to be taken.   #7 is a great example, his favorite toy this month happens to be his Woody the Cowboy doll from Toy Story. Luckily I do have a photo of Little holding Woody on a walk to Tia Linda's house, but I agree this picture should be taken every month because it does happen to change very often.  As for #3, there probably won't be any Little siblings anytime soon, so our Squish will have to fill this spot for now... after all they fight and love each other like brother and sister as it is (see above photos)!  Hopefully this list inspires you as much as it has me and yes there will be "10 Photos"posts around here very soon!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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