Monday, June 4, 2012

One Little Month

1 MONTH!! I forgot to mention this on Friday, I have been blogging about Little for 1 month now! WOOHOO!! We had a very fun weekend that I would love to share but Ive decided to do a simple post today.  In honor of our 1st full month of blogging I wanted to share some photos I took of Little, Tia Lorri and I on our way to Tia Lindas house for movies and dinner.  

Tia Linda happens to live about 4 houses away from us which is awesome! It makes it so easy for us to just visit whenever one of us feels like it.  

Here Little is jumping over the crack on the ground.  He actually just started jumping recently, big boy jumps that is, he gets about an inch off the ground now! Its very cute to see him jumping and it was adorable to see him jumping over the cracks on our way to Tia's house. 

The cutest red Chuck Taylors in the world!

Photos like these are the reason I started this little family blog, I want to remember even the smallest things about Little.   Even as our small walk to Tia's house, that Little insisted on bringing Woody along with us and that he pointed out every dog in the neighborhood.  A small walk may not seem like much to some people but look at those pictures, he looks so happy its pretty obvious that he's becoming a pretty awesome little boy.  I do realize I can't remember EVERYTHING but I love the idea of collecting all of our stories for when he's older.  Well heres to another month of photos and adventures with the biggest personality in the tiniest red Chucks I know.  

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. I also want to share that Little can say "my mama" now!! This is exciting because its his first 2 word combo so far!! On our way to sentences people!

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