Tuesday, June 26, 2012

23 Months

Favorite Foods: Yogurt, strawberries, bananas, chicken, juice and rice.

Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Go Diego Go, Toy Story 1-3 and a couple of animal and shape apps Dada downloaded for him.

Reading: When I Get Bigger (Little Critter), I Love You Through and Through, No No Yes Yes and Binky (this was the first book he ever loved).

A few of his favorite things:  His favorite toys right now are Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear, he calls Woody "hat" and Buzz "busss".  When he goes to bed they both have to be on the bed with him and sometimes we get the pleasure of having them join us on trips out of the house.  He loves an animal app I downloaded on my phone, its full of animal photos and the noises they make.  He can make the noises when asked about the following animals; cow, horse, elephant, bug (a squeal), dog, cat and lion.  We also just bought Little a Melissa & Doug chunky puzzle that he loves!! He also loves singing songs with Mama and Dada, swimming, jumping on the bed with Dada (wrestling), coloring, driving his toy cars across the room, pushing a shopping cart that belongs to Squishy around and pretending to drive Dadas jeep.  He also happens to love pushing a small chair around Grammas house, this hobby of his is very irritating because it makes the worst sound while the plastic chair is being pushed over the tile.  Gramma sometimes hides the chairs to give all of our ears a rest, but Little and Squishy can usually find the chairs within an hour and resume this horrible game.  They love it.

A few of our favorite things:  One of Dadas favorite things to do right now is to wrestle with Little, they are a match made in heaven.   One of my favorite things about Little is that every time I take my glasses off he has to find them and put them back on my face PRONTO! As soon as Little wakes up in the morning, the first thing he asks for is a nana even if he hasn't opened his eyes yet. He just sits up, crazy hair all about, and says "nana" then points to the door, it is adorable.  Little has been learning a new word almost every week!! He's also starting his 2 word combos now, he says "my mama" and "no mama" (thanks to Dada).  Some of his new words include: Papaw, no, choo choo (hello new combo), shoes and he is still signing the words "sorry, thank you, and hurt".  We also love that although he is shy, hell still give a friendly wave or high five to people we meet and see.  

Little will be 2 years old very soon, how can this be?
Our Little makes us laugh every single day and we love him more than we could ever possibly imagine.  This kid is our world.

<3 Mama Chuca

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