Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Goodies

the babies on the bus go waa waa waa..

I assure you he isn't crying, sad or sleepy. He really just gets into the wheels on the bus!! It is one of his favorite songs to sing with Mama & Dada, he actually makes me take off my glasses so I can rub my eyes like the baby too! Oh toddlers...

I have several links, pictures and goodies to share with you:

Oh My Gosh, this  is the most amazing wall art for a baby shower ever!! Could I somehow replicate this for the shower Im throwing???? I think Im going to give it a GO! fingers crossed

I got pregnant at the age of 24 and gave birth to Little a month shy of 25.  I also happened to work part time when I was pregnant in customer service.  Working in customer service while your so obviously pregnant is pretty much an ice breaker for lots of colorful people.  Sometimes its nice and sometimes its akward and you just want to step on somebodies toes with all your pregnancy weight! This post from an awesome blog called Early Mama reminded me of those awkward moments!! Yes I know I wasn't teen mom young but I did hear everything from that list at least once during my pregnancy!! 

This made me laugh out loud, several times! It actually makes me feel better that I am not the only mama that goes through this at Target! Why is it so true??  

I can't understand a word of this post but that photo is darling! I definitely have to incorporate Littles animal friends for his birthday party. 

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!  True Blood season 5 premiere! This mamas excited!

I love this look!! But could I really pull it off? Keiko Lynn can rock anything!! I think Im now in search of the perfect head scarf!

Last night we were at Tia Lindas house,  while I was making the hundredth paper flower, out of nowhere Little started barking and crawling around like a puppy.  I do realize I'm getting excited about my child acting like an animal but it was too cute!! This is the part of toddlerhood that Im the most excited about the spontaneous imagination part.  Yes it takes imagination for kids to pretend to be dogs, doctors, cowboys, princesses or whatever they run around the living room pretending to be. 

Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare he said "school"!! I asked him if he had fun at school and he pointed to the school nodded and said "school"!! On our way to full conversations people!

Cheers to Friday friends!!
<3 Mama Chuca

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