Monday, June 25, 2012

According to my Phone

Little loves to take pictures of himself
He has the cutest fishie face
The self portraits of his forehead should be in a gallery somewhere
And we tried on big boy underwear for the first time!

We are on our way to Gymboree on Saturday morning in the photos at the top.  He giggled every time he took a photo of himself.  Sunday after breakfast with Gramma and Grampa I ran some errands and let Little pick out some big boy underwear on a whim.  As soon as we got to Grammas house I put them on him and we cheered for our big boy in big boy undies.  Then, I tried my best to explain that if he has to poop or pee (sorry for graphic language ;D) he needs to go to the big boy potty Gramma bought a couple of weeks ago. So for 15 minutes he walked around and played with toys in his big boy undies, I was proud.  Then when I called him over to the potty to remind him what he's supposed to do and try to sit him down, I realized he had already peed.  Well being wet didn't seem to bother him much so I decided we would try again another day.  Every other week or so I try and introduce the big boy potty to Little, so now I think Ill start putting big boy undies on him as well.  We're not pushing him as far as the potty goes, its not a big concern for us right now.  But doesn't he look sooooo adorable in his big boy undies?!!!

One more thing....
LITTLE IS 23 MONTHS!! Yes Sunday Little turned 23 months, which means he will be 2 years old in approximately 1 month!!  Time to start planning the party, although I probably should have started a couple of months ago.. right? Well Ill have a Monthly post for you tomorrow to catch up on this little guy.  Cheers to 23 months!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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