Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Little and I singing "The Wheels on the Bus"

Reading:  Unfortunately Im not reading anything at the moment, that makes me sad.  The last thing I read was the Hunger Games Trilogy, which was amazing and awesome!! I didn't know if I was going to like it or not but I watched the movie and figured Id give the book a chance, so glad I did!! 

Watching: Due to a very demanding little boy I have been watching a lot of cartoons lately.  I have noticed recently that Little is very into tv right now, so we are putting a stop to it!  Yesterday when I called Gramma at 2pm to ask how Little was, she still had cartoons on for him and Squish because he was throwing fits when the tv was changed to a different channel.  NO sir that will not do for me, from now on he is cut waaaay back.  As for me...thank goodness for DVR, I usually just record anything I want to watch then try and get it in when Dada and Little are wrestling, when Im cleaning or when Little falls asleep.  The usual suspects on DVR:  True Blood- Ive been re-watching last season to catch up for SUNDAY's premiere, Girls, Big Bang Theory- reruns just because I love it, and I try to record any new movie once in a while from HBO or Cinemax that seems interesting for Dada and I. 

Anticipating:  Saturday we are taking Little to see Madagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted!! I know I know, Im trying to cut him down on tv but Im taking him to see a movie??  Bad Mama!  Well honestly I have always felt that going to the movies was a whole experience; the movie posters, the popcorn, the trailers and the chatter of the audience.   So Im thinking this is really a treat for the whole family, Dada and I LOVE these movies!!

Laughing about:  Yesterday Tia Linda and I worked out to the Jillian Michaels: Extreme Shed & Shred DVD she recently bought.  It was our second time trying to keep up with the ladies in the video and this time was worse than the last.  The only good thing the comes from us trying to get through this DVD (besides our awesome muscles were going to have) is watching Little and Squish try to do the exercises as well!  They are hilarious; bending down to touch their toes, running in circles around us and stretching their little legs out to copy their mamas.  The only thing funnier than watching them exercise is watching each other!

Listening to:  I love hearing all the new words Littles been saying lately, such as nana, hello (almost british sounding), and NO.  Its actually funny to hear and see him say no he because uses his whole mouth just to say one little word.  We laugh every time he says it... Me: mamas going to work now, can i have a kiss? Little: No.  Cue Dada and Mama bursts of laughter! Yep he knows what it means. 
    I hate to say this but the only time I really listen to music now is when Im in the car and most of the time I am in the car Little is with me.  
When Little is in the car we listen to:
The Beatles- Twist and Shout (his fav)
Florence and the Machine- Dog Days are Over (his fav)
Regina Spektor- Fidelity (his fav)
The radio - Fun "We Are Young" (too much listening, his fav) & 
Goyte "Somebody that I Used to Know" (his fav)...
When I was younger I listened to music all of the time, everything was a soundtrack to my life! When Im in the car by myself I listen to a huge array of music some of my fav bands/musicians are:
The Beatles, Muse, Deftones, Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, Regina Spektor and that list could go on forever...

Eating:  Little has a new huge passion for Bananas lately, he literally wakes up and goes to bed asking for "nanas".  Other than nanas, I haven't been eating too much of one thing lately except pizza and I can always eat pizza!  But I have had a serious craving for sushi and beef sashimi since last week and I definitely need to hit Miyakos, my favorite sushi spot, soon.    

Working on: Im working on a book for my Little, just a little something for him from us for his birthday.  Lately when we draw together I draw him just like that picture below and before I tell him who its supposed to be he starts pointing to himself and saying "this".  I really hope he enjoys this book. Im also working on making 2 million (ok more like 50 or so) tissue paper flowers for my besties baby shower!! Im getting so excited for her shower, but I have less than 2 weeks and I'm working on lots of ideas...too many ideas!

Wishing: That I had a team of professional tissue flower builders to work for me! But for realsies Im wishing I had more time away from work to spend with the Little, Dada and I are definitely going to have to take time off for a small trip with this little boy soon.  Im thinking well take him on a trip to Seaworld's new water park Aquatica!! 

I got this cute post idea from an amazing blog called Sometimes Sweet!  I hope everyone enjoyed a pretty good sum of whats going on with Little and I lately!!

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. If you haven't already, please enjoy that Regina Spektor video I have up there ^^ its one of my favorite songs/videos as well!!

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