Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last Sunday we had a little get together at Gramma & Papaws house for some Fathers Day fajitas.   Gramma bought the babies a pool to keep them cool, made some delicious fajita tacos and then we got Papaw a super yummy ice cream cake.  Unfortunately Dada couldn't make it due to a schedule change at work but we did give him his gift as soon as he woke up and took him to a big Fathers Day breakfast that morning.  Later this month Dada will go on a deep sea fishing trip with Papaw, so I took care of all the fees and packed his backpack full of his favorite goodies for the trip as a gift.  

Now take a look at those photos!! Could I have more?? Yes I do, I held back!!  We have a couple of fishy babies, they absolutely love the water and had a blast splashing around.  

The baby shower I hosted Saturday went off great and Im sorting through all the pictures to share here later. Now on to planning Little's birthday party!!  eeeesh... Im one busy Mama!  Happy first day of summer!

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. A good way to enjoy this summer is to go out, buy a pool and do some fishy watching yourself!

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