Monday, June 11, 2012

7 DIYs

We had an awesome weekend in these parts. We relaxed at Grammas on Friday, celebrated Squishy's Dads birthday on Saturday and Sunday we took our Little to see Madagascar 3!! Madagascar 3 was awesome btw!

But today I wanted to share 7 DIY's Im dying to take on! 
1. I love this special felt party hat for the birthday boy! I think I can do a cute Brown Bear hat for Little. 

2. For Little's 1st birthday party Dada and I made Little a special t-shirt to wear. It was the first time we ever worked with an iron on and I think it came out pretty good.  I just love the idea of a really cute simple tee for Little to wear to show off the awesomeness of turning 2.  Hopefully I can try and recreate this with ink instead of the iron on!!

3. These terrariums are sooo adorable!  This might actually be a Dada & Little project now that I think about it, but Im sooo excited to show these off around his room. 

4. As I was looking around the web and (mostly) Pinterest for baby shower games I came across this awesome activity for the party!  A simple and darling wish list written by guests for the new baby girl. 

5. I also happened to come across this DIY for cute table settings.  Not only are they made of baby jars but they most definitely fit into our "theme".  Its a very loose theme of "paper flowers", did I mention this?  The soon to be mama is an artist and I wanted to give her baby shower a little twist. Hopefully it turns out half as good as it looks in my head, this seldom happens!

6.  I live in Texas and it is hot pretty much 90% of the year but I can't help but love scarves.  I LOVE SCARVES!! Maybe I could find a lightweight fabric so I can look cute and not sweat buckets!

7.  If you've never heard of the blog My Cakies please finish this post and head on over immediately!! I love Rubyellens style, beautiful little girls and I always love her DIY's.  Her fabric wrapped necklace is just what I need because Im totally into the chunky statement necklace trend right now!

When I tackle these awesome DIYs I will report back here asap! I also wanted to share this picture Gramma sent me today.  Why is it so darling?!?

<3 Mama Chuca

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