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A couple months ago there was this very sweet game of tag going through the blogosphere called 10 things/11 things. I, only being a blog reader, was not able to take part in this. BUT I thought it would be a great way for anyone interested get to know me a little better. 
There are 5 rules:
1.Post these rules.
2.Post a photo of yourself and 10 random things.
3.Answer the questions set for you in the original post. 
Normally it would be a blogger that has tagged me, but like I said Im pretty late in the game.  One of my new favorite blogs (withlovediana, who also inspired this self tag) did happen to leave the tag open! Thank you Diana & yay me!! 
4. Create 10 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
As for rule #4 & #5, because I am late Im gonna go ahead and just keep the tag open. If anybody out there just wants to tag themselves or answer the questions for fun, feel free!!
Away we go...

10 Random things about me:
1. I cry every single time I watch the very last Harry Potter movie, a lot!! I cry when the professors are protecting Hogwarts, I cry when they go back to the night Harry Potter's parents died, I cry when he realizes he has to die...its ridiculous but I can't help it!! 

2. When I was pregnant I secretly wished my Little's eyes would be brown!! Dada has green/hazel eyes and everybody kept saying how awesome it would be if Little had his eyes.  But I don't look like either one of my parents really and I knew that even if I couldn't have a little replica of myself, at least he could have my eyes.  They didn't come out exactly as dark as mine, but I revel in the fact that people tell me he has my eyes. Its like a secret we share. 

3. I have a terrible fear of ZOMBIES. I can't watch a zombie movie without it weighing on my mind for days, If i even think about zombies too long I will have a nightmare. So yes, I will possibly have a nightmare tonight. :(

4.  I hate posting pictures that Ive taken of myself!! I will take them, like a lot of people, but the thought of people looking at them makes me cringe!! The only way I will post a photo that I've taken with me in it, is if there is somebody else in it as well. Did that make sense? (was so hard to take the photo above!)

5. I can spend hours watching movie trailers online!! The weird thing is, I even watch old trailers, WHA?? Yes movies I have already seen, Ill watch the trailers! 

6. This is more like a part 2: I HAVE to watch the trailer at the movies, If i go to the movies and miss any trailers it feels weird and I can't watch the movie right.  I usually get a little grumpy!

7. I wish I liked onions. I hate hate hate onions but they always look so good and they are always in food I love. Everytime I try to taste them, thinking maybe its changed or they're cooked a different way, its disastrous. 

8. Another part 2: Once in high school I wanted this ring I could not afford, so I begged and begged my parents to buy it for me. Instead they both decided that If I could eat a big sliver of uncooked onion they would buy it for me, those sneaky parents knew my nemesis. So I thought about it and then down the hole, after gagging and choking for couple of minutes I managed to get it down. I proudly wore my ring almost every day... I have not idea where it is now. 

9. Chuca is a nickname my mom gave me, its the last part of my last name PaCHUCA. When Dada and I were dating he heard my mom call me this several times and started calling me Chuca as well. Then when I got preggo with Little he started calling me Mama Chuca, I like it. 

10. One of my favorite authors is Sandra Cisneros and one of my all time favorite books is The House on Mango Street. I love reading it to this day. 

Questions from Diana
1. If you had to change your first name, what would you name yourself?

2. What is your biggest dream?
To sell my art for a living. 

3. Describe something embarrassing that's happened to your or that you've witnessed.
At my God daughters christening my skirt blew up in the breeze! It was a windy-ish day and it just flew up, I didn't think anybody had seen my behind til I looked over and saw a man laughing like crazy pretending to cover his eyes! *face palm!  I tried to get over it by thinking to myself "its just one guy, I'm never gonna see him again anyway", WRONG! After the ceremony we went to have a nice brunch and whaddaya know, turns out he was part of the family!! (My God daughters mothers family)

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Hawaii, I was there on vacation a couple of years ago and I fell in LOVE!! It was sunny (but not Texas-hot), beautiful and I think Little would enjoy it so much!

5. What is your favorite holiday?   Halloween, I love the idea of going to work dressed as a gorilla. 

6. Name a food you haven't tried but would like to try one day.
Ratatouille..ever since I saw the movie Ratatouille.

7. What is something that most people don't know about you?
I hate the sound of somebody dragging their bare feet across carpet!! Its like nails on a chalkboard for me, I get goosebumps!

8. If you could be on any reality TV show or game show, what show would you choose?
Project Runway!!!! LOVE me some Project Runway!

9. Describe what you consider to be the perfect weather.
October/November usually have the perfect days.  Here in Texas it doesn't get as cold as other places, it has cool breezes not too much sun and it smells like fall!!
10. Name your favorite blogs?
..to name  a few....

My questions for you:
1. What was the first career/job you ever remember wanting when you were little?
2. What was your first concert?
3. Which celebrity would you love to have for a bestie?
4. If you were gonna star in a movie who would you want as your leading man or lady?
5. If you had to choose one dessert to eat forever what would it be?
6. Who is your favorite super villain of any movie, comic, or cartoon?
7. Long hair or short hair?
8. If you found $500 on the street what would you buy? 
9. Name 3 things in your purse/wallet right now.
10. Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte? If you don't watch Sex and the City (WHY NOT?! jk) pick a character from any TV series that you most identify with!! 

So if you decide to answer my questions please post your link in the comments section. If you want to answer just for fun, feel free!! 

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  1. I totally forgot how awesome of a tag this was! It's so fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! It means a lot :)