Wednesday, May 2, 2012


   I just want to rewind a little, so I can do some catching up about my Little. 
He recently turned 21 mths, so I'm going to do a combined 20 & 21mth post!! 

A little mowing at home,  he loves to be outside.

His daycare had a small Easter party,  Dada came to help celebrate! 
Easter, he's not really upset he just loves furrowing his eyebrows!!

In the Butterfly Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science, with Dada.
Here are a few fun facts about Little at 20-21mths:

Favorite foods: Spanish rice (favorite is his mamas), pasta, mac and cheese, strawberries, popcorn and pickles (together and separate), milk and just started to love apple juice. 

Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anything with animals. He's just like his Dada when it comes to Animal Planet, its their FAVORITE!!

Reading: Brown Bear, When I Grow up (Little Critter), and Tubby Time

A few of his favorite things: Moonwalks, toy cars, small animal figures, bubbles, wrestling with Dada, coloring, balls. He has a few stuffed animals that he MUST sleep with which are Goofy, Mickey, Tigger, Donald. He loves dancing to any music and singing songs with Mama, his favorite is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He absolutely LOVEs brushing his teeth! Also likes visiting and playing with this favorite cousin, I call her Squish (she's adorably squishy). 

A few of our favorite things: Watching Little carefully line up either his toy cars or animal figures and thrashing them everywhere afterward...then doing it all over again.  Watching him watch the "big boys" across the street play basketball, while standing at the screen door. He's either very animated by the game or in a deep trance just watching, its very endearing. 

I feel like we're starting to creep onto the terrible twos, which is exciting and a little scary.   Its exciting to see his little personality come through more and more every day.  Its amazing how much of Mama and Dada are in this little boy and I can't wait to see the extra special part of him thats all his own. 

This is very fun! I will see you soon :)
<3 Mama Chuca

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