Thursday, May 10, 2012

This time last year...



Dada and I lived in the smallest apartment in the world when Little was born, but we loved it dearly.  Yes it was a bit cramped, the walk from the car garage to our actual apartment was ridiculously long with labyrinth like hallways and the bats that came from the bridge a couple blocks away flew by our window at night. But it was the first place we called home, it was the first place Little knew as home and that made us very happy. Especially because we had a pool right downstairs, in Texas heat that is a very good thing!  This picture was taken last year this very day (May 10th), Tia Linda brought Squish over to take a dip and relax on a very sunny day.

Squish is very photogenic (a gene she did NOT get from me) and in this picture she is 6 mths to the day, what a cutie!  Little is 10 mths here, I don't remember him being this chunky though!! I just thought Id rewind a bit since I came across these photos and wanted to share this day.  A day spent with my sister, my Squish and my Little.  Things always seem so simple when I look at pictures of these two crazy babies, everything that I ever worry about just fades away. Possibly because I remember that its just about these 2 little people, making them happy.  Giving them days like that day; laughing, playing and enjoying each others company.  I always think of Squish as my own daughter and I feel very happy that she and Little have each other, even if one day they can't stand each other (teenagers...sigh).  Yes I get very nostalgic when going through pictures, I think it runs in my family which could explain why every female in the family has a huge photo album of some kind!
Tomorrow (hopefully if there are sunny skies) Dada and I are taking Little to SeaWorld for the first time and Im really excited!!! I have to say Im super excited to go to the Market for a few Mama things as well!  I can't wait to share photos and stories of our Family Mini-vacation (thats what Im calling it)!

While Im still getting the hang of this blog world, I am planning some fun things around here for the future!  Please stay tuned!!

<3 Mama Chuca

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