Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eggs and Bacon Baby

Last Saturday we got the excellent privilege of babysitting a certain little girl!  Tia Linda asked us to watch over Squish so she and Squishes dada could head out for grown up time! We were delighted to take care of this cutie, after all babysitting Squish is usually left to one of her Grandmothers only!  So after dinner Tia brought over a freshly bathed, awesome smelling, super happy Squishy!! After a few tears, Squish LOVES her dada, she settled down for some popcorn and Monster House.  We then spent the night reading books, playing with toys and watching movies.  Unfortunately, we spent some of that time pulling either toys, books, or each other away from the 2 toddlers. Dada and Little were both really happy to have Squishy over, since Dada is usually working when we are getting our Squish time and rarely gets to see her.  Dada just so happens to love this sassy baby, everybody does! She's got this huge personality in this tiny little body, and she can dance like no other!!  I can't wait till we are asked to babysit again!!

A few things to note:
Her hair is crazy because her parents are trying their hardest to postpone her first haircut. (Im sure we won't be having that worry for a long time though, Little's hair is growing at a glacial pace!) Although I usually wrestle with Squish to get a pony tail on those dark locks, I decided to let her be since it was bedtime.
Yes that is an eggs and bacon tee shirt she is wearing.
She has the daintiest feet ever!!!!!!

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. Little is 22 months today!! Ill have a special post about this tomorrow.

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