Monday, May 7, 2012


Dada and I both have full time jobs, Im also a part time/freelance graphic designer, so were pretty busy during the week.  Little has a full week himself:

Monday: Grandmas Day, cousin Squish and Little get to spend the whole day with Grandma!
Tuesday: Dada and Little day... more of a relaxing day for both of them, sometimes Dada takes Little to do special Dada and baby things like visit Mama for lunch or top secret no girls (Mamas) allowed type stuff. 
Wednesday: Daycare (this is usually a little harder on Little to let go of Mama, or the other way around.)
Thursday: Daycare, then dinner and movie night (at home) with Tia Linda and Squish!
Friday: Daycare, this night is usually up in the air.. maybe Grandmas, maybe Tia Lindas or maybe home for relaxing. 
SATURDAY is our day, our family day!! Because Mama and Dada work so hard and miss our Little so much during the long hectic week, we give him a very special day. 
So every Saturday we woke up a little earlier than most and head out for a long day of FUN, first its Gymboree

Little LOVES Gymboree, we've been going for about 2 months and he gets very excited as soon as we get in the car! When we get there we sanitize our hands and then get to jumping, there are balls, hoops, music, dancing, bubbles, climbing, mini-obstacles courses and anything a hyper toddler needs!  Theres usually a subject we're "studying" during each class, (up and down, jumping, safety when climbing) but its very laid back and the kids run crazy in an awesome way!!  His favorite part is the parachute though!! First, we all sit on it to catch and blow bubbles then we sing songs involving the little kiddies. We even sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" underneath the parachute bubble! At the end all the kiddies sit down toward the back of the room to wash their hands (sanitize) and get their Gymbo stamps. Gymbo is the cutest little clown (puppet) who helps sing songs, welcome and say goodbye to the kiddies. 

This past saturday we also took LIttle to the Galleria's Disney Store for their very special The Avengers Training Program! We knew he would be a little to young for the actual training part, but we really wanted him to see all the other kiddies get excited about the super heroes ( he loves the HULK). We also went because...well...I love the Disney Store, so magical :). Turns out we were right about Little being on the young side, he took the Avenger oath (that pic of LIttle holding his right hand up and eating his finger) then received his Honorary Avengers Team Member card and took off toward the Mickey plush's. After we tried wrangling him back for a couple of minutes we decided it was time for breakfast! 

Breakfast is usually right after Gymboree, but we strayed for the Disney store since we were near the Galleria anyway.  Usually our big Saturday morning breakfast consists of french toast for Dada, pancakes for Mama and chicken tenders and fruit for Little. Little being completely exhausted and having built up his appetite from running amok eats all of his chicken (most of the time). After that fun filled morning and big delicious breakfast, we head home for Littles nap and so Dada and Mama can decide whats next!

This Very Special Super Hero Saturday we decided we would try out our new movie lover!  Yes we dared take Little to see The Avengers. This story will have to wait for another time though, because as you can see stories about Little run a little long around here!!

Yes to the following things:
That is a bubble in his hair
Im very tempted to buy that parachute, how often would I use it?
He loves to lift his shirt as soon as he sees the Gymboree instructor grab that stamp pad
I happen to love that picture of Dada and Little
He wore green for The Hulk
He is giving his little toy super villain some milk from his sippy (most of his toys want to eat his food it turns out!)
And Yes those are Littles muscles, he was showing them off 

All in all great Saturday for this little family. 
<3 Mama Chuca

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