Thursday, May 3, 2012

Movie Love!

Im pleased to announce that my son, the cutest little boy on the block, is a movie lover like his Mama!!  This may not seem like much of an announcement but when you come from a family of movie fanatics (all movies; super hero, drama, comedy, horror...all) its a bit scary when you fall for someone who's not one!! Dada likes movies and will watch one if it looks interesting BUT he won't watch the same ones over and over again (like me), and he doesn't really like movie theaters....wha?!?!

He's also very good in movie theaters, which is what I feared most of all when I took him to his first movie at a year old, it was Winnie the Pooh!!  Fast forward to a 21mth Little, making monkey noises while sitting in his booster with the popcorn in his lap while watching Disney's Chimpanzee (which was awesome).

Back to my excitement: lately my Little has found it a real treat when I set out a blanket (yes thats cheetah print), get the popcorn ready in a big bowl, add a small bowl of pickles and a cold drink to watch a movie together! The pics from above are from our movie night viewing of Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa.  This movie is actually a favorite of Mama and Dadas, and we went in search for it just for Little! IT WAS A HIT, the movie has a lot of music and he danced every time it came on and made animal noises for each of the different animals! Unfortunately,  he got upset when the music was over...there was a lot of rewinding that night. But we are very happy that he loved it as much as we do and glad it was such a hit, although we may hate it later when he forces us to watch it a million more times!!  But hey, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it...or jump off of it anyway :).  Also I should mention that Little is a popcorn HOGGER (as seen above), now that he gets from his Dada. 

Anybody ever seen this movie? The character Mort freaks me out a little!!

<3  Mama Chuca

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