Friday, May 18, 2012


These photos are from a couple of weeks ago at Gymboree bubble/parachute time! I just love to watch him play with the bubbles and sit down like a big boy while waiting for the next activity.  Always makes me smile. 

TGIF Ladies and Gentleman!!
Here are a couple of things Im looking forward to this weekend:

Spending some time with Tia Linda and Squishey tonight, hopefully we'll be having a Chic Fil A dinner!! Im such a bad Mama, but we just love those chicken tenders! Maybe Ill talk Tia into a quick trip to Target, we are after all Target LOVAS!
*Not looking forward to watching the new Footloose for the 5th time, Tia Linda loves it but I prefer the original!

Of course Im looking forward to our Saturday morning Gymboree and big breakfast, it will be especially awesome because Papaw (Littles Grandpa, Mamas Dad) will be joining us!! Mama is in desperate need of a new car and Papaw is going to help us look around, plus he loves a big breakfast! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!  Ive been doing my research and dusting off my haggling skills, I'm still a bit nervous because I can barely negotiate with my own toddler to wear sandals instead of rain boots! Saturday night is down time, yes we will be staying home to relax eat some popcorn and watch a movie! We had a long week!

Im super stoked to hang out with one of my besties for lunch, baby bump catching up and shopping!  Baby shower shopping that is, we will be heading to the party stores to look for decorations and inspirations.  Did I mention I'm hosting this par-tay?!?  Eeesh cross those fingers again, its my first time hosting a baby shower!!! My mom and aunts always make it look so easy, Im gonna give it my best!

Im also very happy to announce that not only did I finish my preggy besties shower invites, but I also just took on a new freelance client!! Woohoo Mama!!

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. Im going to be adding weekly features soon, I hope it goes well....yes cross your toes (if you ran out of fingers)!  

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