Friday, May 25, 2012

22 Months


 Favorite foods (papa): Pizza, cheese (chiss), juice (duce), bananas (nana), strawberries, chicken, spagetti, tortilla chips and yogurt.

Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Go Diego Go, The Hulk and anything with animals.

Reading: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Roadtrip, Brown Bear, No No Yes Yes and pretty much any book found in the vicinity of him.  While reading No No Yes Yes, we came to the realization that Little has done all of the "No No" things in the book at one time or another.  Little hates it when Dada reads this book to him because he usually sounds like he's getting after Little.

A few of his favorite things: Making his figures eat and/or play with each other, bubble baths, cleaning anything with a baby wipe, dancing to any music and asking (more like demanding) that you dance with him, sleeping with Buzz Lightyear and Woody the cowboy.  Singing The Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Mama and Dada. Playing, jumping and joining in on the activities at Gymboree.  He likes going through the books to point out an object and ask us to tell him what he's pointing at.  He points to something and says this (dees) and we answer, if we answer wrong he furrows his eyebrows at us until we answer right.  When he's going to sleep he pats his own behind to tell us thats what he needs to go to sleep. Having us fast forward through The Hulk to the parts where it shows the Hulk!! (There are only like 3!)

A few of our favorite things: Wrestling with him and his hulk hands, Dadas been teaching him "Hulk Smash" this a good thing?  Teaching him new words and songs. Playing ball with him; he can throw it, roll it, kick it, he tries to dribble and he even tries to juggle (thanks to Dada, who can juggle awesomely).  Coloring together, he points to the paper for me to draw anything and then he colors all over it.  Usually I draw an animal then he makes the noise of said animal and then scribbles all over it. There are times when Little is in the worst mood and theres no coming back, but most of his bad moods can be easily removed.  Just a tickle, kiss fest, wrestle move, hug, dance or song will bring our sweet Little back to us and its one of my very favorite things about him.

In 2 months Little will be 2 years old, it seems too soon for us to have a full blown toddler on our hands.  Just yesterday we were sitting on the floor with Little trying to get him to take more and more steps from Mama to Dada.  Now we have a little boy who literally drags me into the kitchen for a banana whenever remembers he likes them!  He's learning more and more words everyday, Hello (ello), no, apple, papaw (ppaw) and grandma (mamam) are a few of the words he's picked up recently (the words above in parenthesis are his pronounciations).  I can't wait till we have a chatter box in the house, just like Mama.   This kid has so much spirit and he's starting to get more and more curious about the world around him.  I find myself more excited than ever to show the world to my baby boy.

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. I must have forgot to tell you that I am not the best photographer, not that it wasn't obvious. Dada is the one who got an internship in college for photography!! AND sometimes it is very hard to get Little to keep still, that explains the blurry photos.

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