Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day!!

We had a big weekend over here!!!! I will be posting pictures and stories this week of our Family Mini Vacation. Today I wanted to do a special (yes late) Mothers Day post.

This past sunday, for Mothers Day, my sisters and I decided to take my mom out to brunch and to do some shopping for her.  Our first stop was Chili's for a real women brunch!! Yes we eat like we are hungry in this family :) there was lots of food, lots of laughing and 2 crazy toddlers!! Then we stopped at our favorite store ever TARGET!! Yes we love us some Target too, a $1 aisle of awesome goodies, a Starbucks, cute clothing for tots and mamas alike...cant beat that!!  My bigger-little sister, Tia Linda, bought my mom a couple of adorable outfits to mix and match from spring into summer. I bought my mom a nice workout outfit for a Fun run she will be participating in soon, so she can look good while she's doing good! Afterward we headed out to our local Barnes and Noble Bookstore, where my mom picked up a book for herself ( a gift from her sister). Then she and Tia Linda agreed to keep an eye on Little while I took a quick trip, with my baby-little sister Tia Lorri, to Forever 21 and snagged a cute cheap top (yes Im a confirmed penny pincher).  After I cleaned up the mess Little made in the children's section of the book store, we headed to Grammas house for more family fun, dinner and to watch The Vow (very cute, kinda sad).  It was a lot of fun to take my mom shopping and be able to do something super nice for her, after all she does so much for us at any given time.

That first photo is pretty much the only picture that I took Sunday! I have a slight problem in that if I'm having a lot of fun I always forget to take pictures (Dadas good at this).   Since Dada wasn't around, I don't have any pictures to show.  That photo at the top is when Little was playing with my phone and I decided I needed at least one picture to commemorate our 2nd Mothers Day together!  Yes we are blurry and out of focus but we look really happy, and thats what makes me love this little picture.

The second photo is my moms first day as a Gramma, holding Little.   There was lots of love in that room those first few days, thinking back I just remember a blur of family coming in and out of the room to meet Little.  I knew when I was pregnant that Little was going to be very loved but when I saw my mom holding him in the room after I gave birth, I felt like he was the luckiest little boy in the world. He would not only have my heart forever, but he already had a strong hold on my mothers heart as well.  She does so much for us and we are especially grateful for her.

The third photo of Little and Mama was taken the day he was born, right after he was cleaned and wrapped up.  Its very hard to put into words my emotion on that day, I just remember thinking "yes this is him" even though I had never seen him, it felt like I had known him forever.   He had the most beautiful eyes and they were dark just like mine, a secret wish I had (Dadas eyes are green).  Throughout my pregnancy and more so after I gave birth, I had a lot of fears that I would not be a good mommy or that somehow I would not measure up.  Over time those feelings have subsided, somewhat, yes I still get upset when I feel like I'm not doing something right but for the most part I feel that as long as Im trying my best Im giving him everything I have as a mother.  I thank God everyday that he gave me Little and that He made me a mother.

Happy Mothers Day to all the woman who are any kind of mom to anything or anybody!!!!
P.S- Check out this adorable tote Dada got this Mama for Mothers Day!! Im smitten!

<3 Mama Chuca

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