Tuesday, May 1, 2012


   I just realized that my son, whom I call "Little", is growing up really fast.  It hit me today when Dada brought him to my job for a quick lunch date.  I was watching him drink the last bit of my strawberry lemonade and I asked him "Are you my baby?" and he shook his head NO. Which indicates that not only is he not my baby but he is old enough to tell me he isn't!! :(  Which brings me back to my point, my Little is getting big. 
   So I wanted to start this blog, so I can keep track of pictures, events and stories of the crazy Little I live with!! Im giving myself of goal of at least blogging 3 times a week to start with, whether it be baby or mama things.  Ive got a full time job and a full time baby (big boy) so well see how this goes.  

Little and I at the Old McDonalds Farm!!
Doesn't he have the most beautiful brown eyes?!!  

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