Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Inspiration

Little will be 2 soon!!  Well July 24 he will be 2, but that still leaves me little time to plan a Little party! (see what I did there)  Last year we gave Little a "Where the Wild Things Are" birthday party and it turned out great.  This year we decided to give him a  Brown Bear Brown Bear birthday party, it has been his favorite book for quite some time. So much so, that we have to hide it sometimes ( I know were horrible!) so we can take a break, we literally know it by heart over here!!  Im so excited about this theme because there are so much possibilities, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this special event!!
We decided that we were going to make it a little smaller than the first birthday party, so it will be just family and a couple of close friends.  A small backyard barbecue will do for our Littles big day, its everything he loves; family, being outside, cake, friends and water games! I think its better smaller so I can make the gift bags for the kiddies that much more special and I can try to do as much DIY as I can!!

For eats:

We LOVE cupcakes, so we will have a lot of them (in all the animal colors) for our guests in place of the cake.  We will still have a small cake for Littles big #2 candle and for him to eat all on his own however he wants, after all it is his birthday.  We will also have an awesome lunch/dinner...(Linner?) of bbq and some sides.  We will provide fruit and veggie trays as well, yes people will be full and happy! 

 Party Decor:

These are just a few examples I've found that I really want to incorporate into this party! I love the idea of guests, young and old, wearing party hats in celebration.  I especially love the idea of the balloon carrying pictures, for one Little loves balloons and the another is Im really into picture banners from over the year.  This balloon banner will do the trick and be very interesting to look at!  Since there will be less guests, I think I want to make a photo booth to commemorate the occasion.  These seem to be really popular right now and Im jumping on board!!  The last photo is something I think Little would enjoy, he happens to have a couple of little animal figures that he keeps track of daily to play with.  I just think it would be so cute and really nice for Little to have his little friends help him celebrate his birthday as well.  Another thing that will be a major part of decorations, not pictured though, are balloons... a TON of balloons!! He will be in balloon heaven that day!

 For the kids:

Its amazing how much personality Little has and that he clearly has his own likes and dislikes. So right away I knew I wanted all his favorites to go in the kiddie bags!! Coloring and drawing is a pretty big favorite in our home and I love the idea of making our own colors for each of the kids (along with a notebook of course)!  IF that doesn't work then Ill be providing colors and little notebooks for each kiddo, I have this idea that they could say something like "Little Little what do you see?"...corny?? That third photo is actually a gift ball, each one of those goodies is wrapped in different layers of crape paper formed into a ball. This is an amazing idea because A. I could easily wrap Littles favs in it B. what kid doesn't want to unwrap a ball full of goodies and C. Little has a great fondness for Balls!!
The last photo is awesome because I could make ears of different animals from the book to place in the kiddie bags.  Brown Bear ears, blue horse ears, purple cat ears, white dog ears... and so on, I told you so many possibilities!

Im super excited!! Although our theme is the Brown Bear book, were thinking we are going to focus more on the colors of the animals for the decor of the party.  Since we live in Texas, ugh Texas heat in July, I will also have water games, water guns and a inflatable water slide (Little is going to LOVE it). I just know I will be adding to that little Pinterest board up until the week of the party, Pinterest is a curse sometimes ;). Ive already begun working on the invitations, SO CUTE, and soon I will begin the PINATA!! Hello?! its a party of course were gonna have a piñata... a brown bear piñata! This is one of my favorite parts of motherhood, creating super special days for my Little and relieving the excitement the day of.

<3 Mama Chuca

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