Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back at the Office...

Little is a bit under the weather today, no fever (yet) just coughing, sneezing and little run down.  So I decided to bring him to work with me because A. there is nobody in the office BUT me and B. I didn't think he would be very happy in Daycare.  Yes he is still at full speed even when he is sick, he just likes to  let everyone know he is not feeling well i.e. a lot of whining!

Here he is finally taking his nap, took me awhile to get him down.  I guess thats normal when you have a wonderland of desks, computers, keyboards, spinning chairs and paper to play with. He always looks so cute and peaceful when he's sleeping.  Now I must get back to work, which includes a website background I have to create and an invitation for a friends baby shower Im working on!! Lots of things for Mama to do, before this little man wakes.  Yes I have my hands full, but I love having him here with me while I work.  I would love to do this everyday but I like my sanity.

<3 Mama Chuca

P.S. OMG when he was a baby I would wrap him in that blanket and now his little feet hang off. Uncool. :(

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