Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Recap.

We had a huge weekend over here!!  Here are a few snippets just to give you an idea of the craziness, later Ill have full stories with mega amounts of photos!

I think I forgot to mention that since Little is now 22mths, he has moved up an age group in Gymboree! Level 5!! It is a little later in the morning (10am instead of 8:45) so we are either going to have a Big Lunch or Big Breakfast from now on.  In this case we had an awesome lunch and then headed to the zoo for a day out with Little.  It was oh so hot but we loaded up on sunscreen, we added a  cap to our cutie and off we went.   I will have a post with tons of photos later this week!!

On Sunday Little and Mama went to Comicpalooza!! Yes this Mama is a nerdy girl when it comes to comics (thanks to a certain Papaw) and everything comic related! Dada is a big fan of the science/science fiction genre, so we might as well start Little early with this love!  It was very exciting for this kid, he jumped out of the stroller a number of times cause he just had to walk around.  Why wouldn't he?? There were people in costumes, comic/artists booths, toys... ahem Action Figures, everything a nerdy fangirl could love!!  He didn't really like being too close to the costumes though, as you can see.  After our morning of awesomeness we headed back to Grammas where Little took a nap and the 3 little cousins (Squish, Noah and Rene) played with a water toy in the backyard.  Papaw and Gramma decided this would be the perfect time to have a small bbq!!  The photo above is Squish and Little sitting in their favorite chairs drying off in the backyard while Papaw is grilling.  I also want to note that Tia Linda made the most amazing dip EVER, I will definitely have to share that recipe here one day!!! She is a natural when it comes to foods, which is probably why she's the head chef and manager of a very popular cupcake place!! 

On Memorial Day we decided we'd stay home and relax.  Little and I accompanied Tia Linda for lunch at 5 guys, which was SO DELICIOUS.  Then we all took a quick trip to Toys R Us and a couple of stores for some impromptu shopping for our littles.  But the rest of the day we were home, lounging and  I did some light cleaning. Little of course did his part by only wearing a diaper so Mama didn't have to wash any more than she had to.  It was a pretty fantastic weekend for us. 

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody and anybody who served in the military.   I have a very close cousin named Jessica Lopez who served and Dada has many close family members that have served; Dada's Mom, Dad, Uncle and both Grandfathers. So to all of them and everybody in the armed forces, again I say thank you and we deeply appreciate any and all sacrifices that have been made on your part.

<3 Mama Chuca

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